Voice actor allowed

Introduction to the city
Children's materials, gentle
Boys' characters

With a bright and easy listening voice, specialize in high-tension advertising videos.
I can also provide a wide range of other services, from refreshing commercials to calm corporate PR videos and character voices.
Clear and crisp
Sweet lady

I strive for a clear voice that is natural and easy to listen to.
My moist, soft and deep voice is packed with the youthful brightness that only someone in their 20s can have.
Can speak Kansai dialect.
Pop, lighthearted
Cute devil

I am good at narrating in a calm voice and at voicing energetic boys and girls, older women, and comical characters.
Woman and child conversation

My bright and refreshing voice is a feature of mine, and people say that even long narrations are easy to listen to.
I can play a wide range of roles, from babies to grandmothers, young ladies, and other characters.
Company History
Locations & Attractions
Game and animation characters

I am good at reading in a sophisticated and calm style. I can also handle longer manuscripts and bright, high-tension situations.
Broadcasting in department stores
Pure and innocent girl

The YouTube channel I appear on, including anime, has a total of 2.9 million subscribers.
I am capable of bright and energetic narration, but I am also good at expressing things in depth.

I started out as a voice actor dubbing anime and foreign dramas, and now I have 20 years of experience.
I can play a wide range of characters, from children to adult women and old people.
Mature women
Comical high school girls

After leaving a voice acting agency, she changed her name to her current one.
I am good at voice acting for strong-willed girls and strong-willed female characters, as well as kind mothers.
Overseas Travel Programs
A boy of about junior high school age

I have a gentle and soft voice, so I can record any content in an approachable way. I have a lot of experience as a voice actor, and I am good at lines. I am particularly good at young mothers and boys.