30s female

Teaching Materials for Children
Locations & Attractions

Gentle and sincere voice, also specializes in longer manuscripts, and can handle a wide range of styles, from chunky to soft and dialogue-based.
Introduction to the city
Children's materials, gentle
Boys' characters

With a bright and easy listening voice, specialize in high-tension advertising videos.
I can also provide a wide range of other services, from refreshing commercials to calm corporate PR videos and character voices.
Pop, lighthearted
Cute devil

I am good at narrating in a calm voice and at voicing energetic boys and girls, older women, and comical characters.
Company History
Locations & Attractions
Game and animation characters

I am good at reading in a sophisticated and calm style. I can also handle longer manuscripts and bright, high-tension situations.
Mature women
Comical high school girls

After leaving a voice acting agency, she changed her name to her current one.
I am good at voice acting for strong-willed girls and strong-willed female characters, as well as kind mothers.
Employee Training Videos
Business, Corporate VP
Comical girl

I used to be a TV announcer, and I have a warm and refreshing voice.
I am particularly good at "explanatory and product introduction videos," cute and impactful "videos for children," and persuasive "corporate VPs."