40s female

New employee training
Whisper voice

With a wide range of expressive skills cultivated through musicals and vocal performances, we can deliver a voice that matches your image, from cheerful and bright to calm and serene.
Can speak Kansai dialect.
Corporate answering service

I was working as a local station announcer, news channel anchor, and morning voice on NHK radio for more than 20 years in his career.
With a gentle and calm voice, I can handle a wide range of topics from serious news to pop commercials.

I have experience narrating shareholder meetings, educational materials, and applications, as well as train and event announcements. I often receive orders for "calm," "cool," "intellectual," "glamorous," and "stylish.

I started out as a voice actor dubbing anime and foreign dramas, and now I have 20 years of experience.
I can play a wide range of characters, from children to adult women and old people.
Overseas Travel Programs
A boy of about junior high school age

I have a gentle and soft voice, so I can record any content in an approachable way. I have a lot of experience as a voice actor, and I am good at lines. I am particularly good at young mothers and boys.