We are looking for
narrators in
all languages!
To voice professionals

Looking for a narrator job in Japan

Voice professional, but it’s hard to get customers

Looking for a voice job that can be done at home

Those who live outside Japan are also OK

We are looking for narrators in all languages!

About Us

Our service “Express” provides “voice” and “sound” by professional voice actors and narrators.

Due to the spread of smartphones and the shift to broadband, the market for video content such as video advertisements is expanding in Japan.
In addition, due to the increase in foreign tourists, the demand for sound content corresponding to each language is increasing significantly.

We already have many clients, but we do not have enough narrators to speak foreign languages such as English.

With the expansion of our business, we are looking for voice actors and narrators who can handle foreign languages.

Experience, age, gender, place of residence, etc. are all unquestioned. Please do not hesitate to apply.

Our Clients

Walt Disney Japan
Osaka University
Audio-Technica Fukui Inc.
Tokio Marine Nichido Better Life Service Co.,Ltd.
SoftBank Corp.
Nippon Medical School
Recruit Career Co., Ltd.

How to apply

1: Please send a sample voice (specify the equipment for home recording)

– Please send materials such as narration and dialogue that you are most good at. At that time, please specify the equipment for home recording (microphone, headphones, editing software, etc.) used.
– There is no limit to the length (scale) and number of voice samples.


2: We will contact you after selection

– After selection, we will contact those who have passed.
– At that time, we will explain the reward (guarantee) and terms and conditions at the time of request (if you do not accept the terms, you may decline at this point).

3: Registration, start work

-After agreeing to the terms and conditions, please submit the required documents.
-Once you have the information required for registration, such as your registered name and profile, you can start working.

Voice Samples

Here is a sample voice of our service narrator.

Reading of picture books
Documentary program
Product introduction / IR
English listening test
TV commercial
Train announcement (English / Japanese)


* Experienced only.
* Voice sample is required. Please enter the URL after uploading to the file storage service.